What Our Clients Are Saying

The original specialists had my Jaguar problem diagnosed within two hours and had my car back to me within the same day. I was shocked when I was told that the problem was minor. My repair cost substantially less than I expected. I knew then, that I had finally found an honest mechanic. These Guys really Know Jaguars.

Bill D. San Diego
Many thanks to Tom and Mike for taking the time to explain my options carefully and honestly. They made sure I understood what my Audi A6 needed to get on the road again. I have never had a mechanic treat me with such respect. Way to go, guys!

David P. La Jolla
I always hated taking my Range Rover to the mechanic. I always felt as I was getting ripped off. I am happy to say that Original specialists changed all that. I didn't get hit with any unexpected charges and the work was completed when they said it would. I am not afraid to bring my Range Rover to Their shop. Thanks!

Mary K. San Diego
Hey guys, we just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make sure our Land Rover was fixed in time for an important road trip. Mike and Sam came in early to make sure our Land rover was not only running, but that we could safely make it to our destination. Thanks for going above and beyond!

Greg and Pamela La Mesa
It's refreshing to be treated with such integrity. I am definitely referring your shop to all of my friends and family. The Jag looks great from being washed after the brake job you guys performed. Thanks Sam & Mike.

Joseph B. San Diego




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Tom, Todd, David and staff have always treated myself and my car with the care and respect we deserve. They are always very informative about my car and the tips they have given me have helped me not only to appreciate my car’s abilities and performance, but also have taught me how to properly care for my vehicle. I will only take my car to Jaguar Specialists — no where else!

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I have found Tom and his staff to be very knowledgable, capable and “caring.” They do not try to find work to do on your car or suggest unnecessary repairs. They are very considerate of your time constraints. I have never had to return to the shop because their repairs did not solve the problem. In all, they are very professional, competent and willing to serve.

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I take my Jaguar VDP for service and maintenance to Jaguar Specialists. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. It is a breath of fresh air to have such wonderful people working on my car. Salute!!!

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I found this place after purchasing my Land Rover, as the previous owners had brake and other work done there.

It’s hard to call it a “shop” when it is so clean and pristine, not just the lobby, but the working/dock area as well.

I just had a brake light that stayed on, but knew there was something else wrong, but not exactly what.

They did a diagnostic and were VERY honest and caught a couple of MAJOR things that another mechanic missed. It turns out a belt was just about to break, and nobody else was able to see that, amongst other things.

Just during the diagnostic process they topped off fluids, washed and dried it and gave me a courtesy ride as well.

I will have future work done here, they are a little pricey, but they are Land Rover and Jaguar SPECIALISTS, they do work you can’t get done at Joe Schmoe Auto, etc. and are HONEST and nice guys.





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I remember coming here over 20 years ago with my dad when I was a kid. Some of the same mechanics that were here then are still here now. These guys know their stuff! They are off of the Garnet Avenue exit and Damon Street and can be seen from the 5 freeway so they are super easy to find. They just started working on Land Rovers so if you have one, bring it here. If the service job will take a while, they do have a courtesy shuttle to take you where you need to go and they will wash your car when finished with it. There is also a lobby with a table, chairs, and coffee. I highly recommend this place!

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I’ve been taking my 1996 XJ6 Vanden Plas here since I bought it in 2007. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, especially Mike. He is a real asset to the place. He and Todd act like they value your business, which is more than I can say for a lot of repair shops. The service is thorough and reliable, although a little pricey, but what do you expect with Jaguars? Lol! They have a free shuttle service, which is GREAT for single people like me!