Why Does My Car Shake While Driving?

Does your car shake or vibrate while you drive?  Is the vibration especially noticeable when you reach a certain speed?  If so, the best place to take a look at is your wheels.  Why?  Three of the most common reasons why cars vibrate while driven have to do with problems with or near your tires.  BBC Automotive has serviced plenty of Audis, Jaguars, and Land Rovers with vibration issues.   Here what we know about these situations.

Common Car Vibration Causes While Driving

Although your luxury vehicle is meant to have a smooth ride, simple things can make that ride very rough.  Lok at the symptoms below and their cause.

  • Car shakes when I brake. If ever time you press the brake pedal your steering wheel wobbles, there is a high probability there is an issue with your brake calibers.  When a brake caliber has uneven wear, it can create vibrations whenever the brake pads touch it.  You should either have the calibers re-surfaced or replaced to fix this problem.
  • Steering wheel vibrates at higher speed. Typically, the issue is a tire balance problem.  When tires are unbalanced, a rocking motion can result at certain speeds.  If the problem improves at higher speeds (over 60 mph), it is most certainly an unbalanced tire.  If it does not improve at higher speeds, you should have your tires examined for defects.
  • Vibration occurs with a burning smell. A burning odor accompanied with car shaking is nearly always a sticking brake caliber.  Caliber malfunctions can be sporadic or continually.

Don’t shake off repairs

When your vehicle begins to vibrate, it is a very telling sign that it needs a repair.  The longer you put off the problem the worst, the vibrations will become.  Continual vibrations will eventually affect other parts of your car.

Is your Audi, Jag or LR not riding as smooth as it is used to?  If you are having issues with your car shaking while driving, bring it to us.  BBC Automotive offers fast repairs and professional service at affordable prices. (858) 914-4678


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