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Benefits of Autologic Diagnostics

autologicjaguarWhy We Use Autologic

There’s just something special about owning an Audi, Jaguar, or Land Rover. And when you get one, you want to take care of it. Sometimes dealer’s lose sight that your vehicle is not just a passing fad but an investment. Consequently, when we service a vehicle, we look for ways to go beyond dealership service. Our specialists can even present ways safely to improve your vehicle’s performance. One way we are able to provide such a high level of service is by utilizing the Autologic diagnostics. This leads us to offer the best Jaguar, Land Rover and Audi repair in all of San Diego.

What is Autologic?

Autologic is a software tool that specializes in providing diagnostics of high quality vehicles. The software is covers a vehicles specification by year and model. Instead of following general techniques, Autologic gives OEM-level diagnostics and comprehensive service functions. It is the only aftermarket system that has these capabilities. When we combine Autologic with the decades of experience of technicians, the results are simply amazing.

Faster and Better

When we use Autologic, we have found consistently faster results that allow us to complete repairs quicker than traditional systems. Additionally, we can use the system to get exact specification for aftermarket components and retrofits. Having this capability is simply essential to making improvements to your vehicle. Other features of the system include:

  • The ability to flash program control modules
  • Versatility to configure car file data
  • Automated air suspension calibration
  • Automated resetting of electronic parking brake motors

The Autologic system gives our customers peace of mind and added confidence in our services. The Original Specialists always utilize the highest tools and resources to diagnose and repair every vehicle.

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