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How to Save on Your Audi, Jaguar, or Land Rover Repair

Expensive does not always equate to better. In fact, expensive can sometimes be unreasonable. Auto repairs, for the most part, and related to accumulated wear and tear. Dealership service centers understand this, however, many of them exploit their customers with fear. Owners of high-end vehicles like Audis, Jaguars, and Land Rovers can end up paying thousands annually for maintenance that is not required by the manufacturer.
Consequently, there are ways to save yourself from unreasonable repairs. Here’s a few tips from your local Jaguar, Land Rover and Audi repair, service, and diagnostics shop, The Original Specialists.

Never Neglect Maintenance

Some owners have looked in their auto manuals and seen the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules and acted accordingly. If you aren’t in that group, open your manual up and take a look. This can help you from overshooting regular maintenance. Major breakdowns usually require expensive fixes. Yet, these are easily avoided with a good routine of maintenance. Again, there is a difference between over maintaining and regular maintenance. We believe that you should take the word of the vehicle’s manufacturer over the place that you bought it from.

Use Free Services & Coupons

Free services are sometimes offered at auto repair shops. Items like diagnostic readings, tire rotations, and battery testing are available to nearly every customer. Specials and coupons should not be overlooked either. These can result in big pocket savers when compared to dealership repair prices. see our service specials

Be Inquisitive

Don’t take blanket answers like, “Your brakes need repairs” or “we found some problems with your XXX that need addressing”. This is an easy way to get you writing a blank check. Ask questions about the repair, have the mechanic explain the issue to you, or even show you what is going on before you commit to the price. If you can’t get satisfying answers, you may want to go elsewhere.
The Original Specialist have been in business since 1959 and we take Jaguar, Land Rover and Audi repair personally. Feel free to bring your vehicle in for a free visual inspection. All of our services are covered by our No Hassel Guarantee.

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