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Jaguar Brake Tips

Jaguar brake service San DiegoMost of our Jaguar customers in San Diego really care about their vehicles and ask us for advice. Yet, even they ask questions we can tell that they aren’t simply seeking a quick fix. They like to understand why. We absolutely love this! We could talk about Jaguars, Audis, and Land rovers all day long. Among many of the questions we are asked (specifically by Jaguar owners), brake questions are easily in the top 5 in frequency. Therefore, here are some helpful tips for maintaining the brakes on your Jaguar.

Jaguar Brake Tip 1:

It is vital to maintain the specified level of hydraulic fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. Be sure that you are not mixing or substituting fluid types. Jaguar braking systems are designed to accommodate a selected balance of base stock and additives in brake fluid (usually DOT 4 but verify before adding fluid). By it composition, brake fluid absorbs water, which it is why it is necessary to use fresh fluid instead of old.

Jaguar Brake Tip 2:

Brakes benefit greatly from regular cleaning. Over time dust and debris attaches to the rotor and bad pads. In most cases, this dust will only cause annoying squeaking. Yet, on occasion, certain debris can lead to uneven wear and scaring of the rotor. Simply washing the brakes off as you clean the car will suffice.

Jaguar Brake Tip 3:

Always avoid placing any kind of lubricant on the surfaces of the rotor or brake pads. If this happens by accident, use brake cleaner to remove the lubricant. Let the soiled area dry completely before driving.
We’ll cover other brake tips in our February post. Remember to become well acquainted with your braking system—especially how it should feel and sound. Often brakes will alert you that something is wrong by how the react when applied.
Feel free to bring your vehicle in for a free visual inspection. All of our services are covered by our No Hassel Guarantee. T

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